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There are creative artists who chronicle life through the eye of a camera, others paint scenes that impress them on canvas, but I create stained glass pieces that reflect my love of nature through flowers and leaves in natural settings. I find an inner peace working with these subjects that were probably inspired and nurtured during my youth in Germany visiting the Botanical Gardens in Munich. When I transfer that spirit of appreciation through my glass to those who view or buy it, I have achieved my goal.

I have admired and studied the glasswork of other artists, Tiffany, of course, and his less famous contemporary, John LaFarge, but I have always experimented on my own. Most recently I have become known for creating complete scenes, called primitives, which few attempt because of the incredible number of hours required to make them. Early instructors tried to discourage me from using intricate designs requiring small, time-consuming pieces. Instead, I made this my trademark whereby my panels and lampshades do not appear flat, but have a unique, three-dimensional quality. Some call them jewel-like compositions; others refer to their painterly qualities.

I have been the grateful recipient of many United States and International show awards, but I was especially happy to be one of the artists selected to have their work chosen twice to become part of the permanent Christmas Ornament Collection of the White House. It was also rewarding to have the educational art textbook series, "Adventures in Art," by Davis Publications, use my work.

I am singularly proud of four glass panels that I was commissioned to make for the Oncology Unit at Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne, Florida. Each stained glass panel shows a change of season, celebrating the seasons of life. On each side are smaller panels displaying timeless reinforcing sayings. The staff tells me that my work has greatly uplifted the spirits of the cancer patients and their families, which is personally moving since my husband has also been a patient there.

Glass selection must be artfully done, the cutting, wrapping, and soldering must be precise, but it is my love for design that breathes life into my work. Creation of a thing of beauty for me is akin to giving birth.

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